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How to prepare for an interview

Posted: 01.27.2016

Try to predict the questions the interviewer will ask you

Interview preparation adviceThe interview itself is just as big a deal as writing your CV and cover letter. The interview is that point in the application process where you put personality to the paper application. It is therefore crucial that you come across as confidently as you did in your CV and cover letter. One way to get ahead is by trying to predict what the hiring manager might ask you during the interview. You may not be able to get all of them or in some cases, any of them right. But what this process does is it introduces you to the types of questions hiring managers normally ask. Make sure that you prepare questions that are specific to your field or industry and don’t just settle for the generic interview questions.

Look the company up

The internet is a wonderful resource when it comes to getting as much information about the company you are applying to as possible. The hiring manager will be able to tell if you did do some research on the company in advance and this in turn can impress them. It makes you come across as a serious candidate who is sure of what he is getting himself into. By conducting a preliminary research on the company, you will know what their goal and mission is. You can then build your answers around these core concepts.

Practice how to communicate

It is very important that you can articulate your thoughts well during an interview. Most people are good on paper but cannot back themselves up when it comes to interviews. Aside from the things you say, you should also be mindful about your body language. Hiring managers base certain things on that alone. Conducting yourself well during an interview is definitely a plus point.

Be true to yourself

Lastly, just be true to yourself. No matter how hard you try to be the perfect candidate, if it’s not who you are, it won’t work out for you. Make sure that your personality shines through in the interview and that the hiring manager hires you based on who you are and not who you pretended to be. Hiring managers are tired of candidates who are walking textbooks when it comes to interviews. Letting through some of your personality will make you stand out from the rest of the applicants.


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