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Ace Your Job Interview

Posted: 05.16.2016
Ace your Job InterviewIt would’ve been great if we could simply get hired by sending our CV to the employers but the modern world is hyper-competitive which means that there are hundreds of applicants for every single job opportunity and the employers only want to pick the very best for their workplaces.

Choosing the right candidates for a position involves a number of steps, beginning from the advertising of positions which is a call for the applicants to submit their CVs to the different interviews which ultimately get an applicant hired or rejected.

Getting shortlisted for interview in the easier task, getting through the interview is the most challenging aspect of getting hired. However, there are ways in which you can ensure your success in the interview.

Prepare for your interview

The best thing you can do for your interview is to prepare for it. Most interviews begin with questions asking the candidate to describe himself and tell the interviewer about his strengths and weakness. These are very common questions and one must prepare and rehearse the answers for this.

Rehearsing the answers to these questions beforehand will not only make you appear more confident but it’ll also help in making a positive impression by indicating the employers that you’re a detail-oriented person who prepares for all eventualities.

Do your research

You can either use the internet or your network the learn more about the company and the job position you’re applying for. It’ll give you an advantage as you’ll be able to connect your skills with the requirements of the job and also highlight your research skills to the employers which are an important part of nearly all positions.


Being a good storyteller has its advantages. A good story-teller knows how to highlight his accomplishments and successes in a playful way. A good way of telling a story during the interview is based on the situation-action-result (SAR) technique where you begin your story by identifying the problem you faced followed by the action you took to handle the situation and the final results your actions achieved.

Dress up!

We often hear that we should be more expressive and show our individuality in everything that we do but an interview is a place where it pays to dress up. One must dress for success to show the employer that you value professionalism over fashion. In dressing up for the interview, it is always better to err on the conservative side.

Give a good impression

Most things go wrong when we really need them. Getting late for the interview leaves a bad first impression and beginning an interview where the employer hasn’t a good impression of you from the get-go is more likely to end on rejection so it is always a good idea to get to the interview place before the interview time.

Also, make sure that you bring along copies of your CV because you might be interviewed by more than one person and it’ll leave a good impression if you’re able to provide them with a copy of your CV.

Non-Verbal Cues

A big part of any communication is non-verbal. A firm handshake at the start of the interview followed by a smile and eye contact can go a long way in leaving a good impression.

There are many other things which can help you in leaving a good impression such as following up with a thank you note etc. Sometimes it is the little things which can make or break your chances of success, be mindful of them.

Finally you may also like to think about what to after an interview. This job interview article on Reed is worth a read..


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