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Create a Winning CV

Posted: 05.26.2016

Create a winning cv
So how do you create a winning cv?

Often the only thing employers have in front of them to judge your proficiency and ability to fit in their workplace is just a piece of paper. This piece of paper, the CV or the Curriculum Vitae, is a single page which can either get you a call for an interview or get passed over.

Given such a significance of a single document, it becomes important that one invests some time and energy to ensure that it catches the eye of the employer and retains his or her attention.



The presentation is perhaps the most important part in the creation of a CV and it is astonishing that a great majority of people forget to give proper attention to the presentation of their CV. A good CV has a clean look with a well-structured format and is printed on a high-quality white paper.

First Things First

There are multiple ways making a great CV but every great CV has one thing in common and that is getting the basics right. A CV should contain updated personal information along with educational qualifications and work experience. The skills relevant to the job must be highlighted.


The most important thing in applying for a job is to understand the description of the job and tailoring your CV to fit the criteria set by the company. Instead of creating a single CV and sending it to every employer in the market, the correct way is to tailor the CV for every employer. The correct way of doing it is by putting an emphasis on your experiences related to the job you’re applying for even if they’re shorter than the experiences in other fields.


Remember that to create a winning cv the tone you use in your CV leaves an impression about you on the hiring manager’s mind. A positive and confident tone can convince the manager that you’re somebody who likes to take the initiative. It should be always professional and confident. If you have the achievements to back your confidence then it would definitely improve your chances of getting a call for an interview. Your language can also help in showing you as a responsible individual.

Keep the Length under Check

It is often assumed that longer CVs get attention as they have more material to promote the prospective employee but many researchers have shown the opposite to be true. The important thing is to ensure that it has all the required information.

Employers get a large number of CVs for a single position and often there are multiple openings at once, it is very rare that a hiring manager will read an entire CV from the beginning to the end. They skim through the sections so it’s a good practice to divide the CV into parts and put the information most relevant to the job as the first thing under the heading. The length should never exceed two pages and the first page should have all the right pieces of information.

These are just some of the ways in which you can present your best side to employers using your CV and how to write the winning cv but there are many other things too. However, the best thing to remember is to be just a little careful.

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