Why Was Your Job Application Rejected?


A job hunt maybe one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks in today’s age and time. In a fast paced technology controlled era like this, the job market is low and the need for skilled men is reducing with the introduction of new innovations in the field of technology.

Most novice job seekers can get highly demoralized once their job application is rejected for the first time. However, there are some who are keen to get an insight over why their job application failed to make an impact on employers. Moving on, let us talk about 6 of the basic reasons to why your job application might have been rejected.

1.You Did Not Mention a Reference:

If you are looking towards applying for a post in a multi-national company, one of the most common mistakes you will make is not mentioning a reference. The point to be noticed here is that these companies deal with hundreds of applications per day. They might not have the time to figure out what post you applied for. Hence, make sure you mention it, along with all other details.

2.Your Application Was Not Addressed Properly:

Most commonly, job applications get rejected because they were not addressed properly. Starting your job application causally will never have a good impact on your employer. You must know that you need to sound as professional as possible, to impress the person you are sending your application to.

3.Your Application Was Not Catchy Enough:

You must know the difference between writing an interesting novel and writing a catchy job application. Your job application must contain a very catchy first paragraph so whoever is reading is, continues to read through the rest of your application.

4.Your Expertise Were Not Highlighted Enough:

You did not highlight your areas of expertise and skills effectively. You need to make sure that the reader knows which department you are professionally trained in and the additional skills you contain.

5.Incomplete Educational History:

One of the biggest mistakes an applicant can make is providing an incomplete qualification as well as employment history. You might not feel the need of adding your lower most degree in your application. However, that will show your base, which is quite interesting to read for employers.

6.Grammatical Mistakes:

It is a nuisance to read when your job application is full of typos, spelling mistakes and on top of everything, grammatical errors. This shows your interest and enthusiasm towards your job and your career. Hence, make sure that you proofread your job application a number of times before sending it in.

The Final Verdict:

Overall, the above mentioned points are some of the most common, yet decisive reasons for your job application to be rejected. If you are looking towards making an  impact on your employers through a catchy job application, and getting a job, going through the list of reasons mentioned above will be worth a try and of course your can also contact us at Roll On Monday at any time to help you with your UK Job Search..